About mikefinding

I love photography – I’m not a professional photographer………….just a very keen amateur with a certain amount of success in some areas of photography.

A whole lot of years ago I started using a camera. Back then it was using film and dark room with the chemical processing along with all the interesting developing techniques with hours spent in a darkroom!

Once digital came about, the darkroom moved to the computer….

There was a time when I would not even touch a computer! The devil’s toys indeed!! Once our youngsters started to want to use them for school I started to look. Having been into photography for 40+ years (at time of writing, 2011!) that was where I started!! I went to the local college and did a Photoshop course. That did it!! I started to use the computer for photography as well! It just seemed the right thing to do! It’s also a whole lot quicker than using the film and chemical route as I used to do!

So here we are!